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  Prague 13 - Luka, Bronzová, construction of an open winter stadium with a car park under the ice surface (2002)
  Festive opening of winter stadium Bronzová (2004),
from left: K. Holý, M. Beneš, M. Vopička, M. Topolánek

Cooling tubes are cast in concrete, fixed machine shop for cooling. It can be used as open ice surfaces or covered stadiums. We provide various types of roofing, building of sanitary facilities (changing rooms, showers, toilets, room for snowmobile)
  Prague 13 - Luka, Bronzová - covered winter stadium
  Covering of winter stadium Bronzová (2004)
  • Advantages
    • stable quality of ice
    • long lifetime
    • low energy losses
    • high comfort for players

  • Disadvantages
    • high purchase costs
  Fixed machine shop for cooling

  Daytime and nighttime view of mobile ice surface - Na Františku grounds (2004)
  Mobile machine shop
for cooling
  Detail of laying
the cooling carpet
  • The cooling system is based on an entirely new principle. First, hockey side boards are installed on asphalt foundation, then a mobile freezing carpet is rolled out all over the surface, formed by a system of elastic rubber tubes. These are diverted into a shallow conducting drain.

  • The mobile machine shop for cooling is placed not far from the conducting drain (container). The cooling Daytime and nighttime view of mobile ice surface - Na Františku grounds (2004) medium is forced in by means of pumps from the machine shop for cooling through piping in the conducting drain into the system of the cooling carpet made of pipes. This piping system is all over the field/ice-rink surface covered with a permeable carpet of a special artificial lawn dusted with siliceous sand. The textile part of the lawn is 100% absorbing, which causes a total adhesion of the carpet to the system of cooling piping. This guarantees compactness of the ice layer all over the surface.
  Freezing carpet of rubber piping
  • Another advantage of this skating rink is the fact that in case of need it is possible to transfer the whole mobile system (machine shop for cooling, cooling pipes, side boards, and net and light holders) to another site.
  • When the skating season is over and the ice melts away, the whole surface is used, without any further adaptations, as a current multipurpose playing field where all kinds of ball games can be played. This has solved the biggest problem of permanent ice surfaces, namely their seasonal usability.
  View of the playing field after ice has melted, where
football is played on an artificial lawn in summer

  The biggest ICE Park in Europe in Plzeň-Lochotín (2006) - evening illumination and skating on ice-rink 20 x 30 m with a possibility of leaving for the open
  • This is a revolutionary novelty in the field of artificial sports surfaces, a dry skating rink can be installed as mobile (seasonal use) or fixed installation (a special know-how base).

  • To install this material is very easy, panels measuring 2 x 1 m are laid to one another using special catches - know-how of the “patent“ company. Laying is carried out on a special grid laid on a prepared, perfectly even base (either permeable asphalt, concrete with a carry-net or wire concrete) - a special know-how base.
  • low operational costs
  • easy installation and dismantling of surfaces for skating
  • possibility of skating disregarding weather and seasons of year
  • seasonal usability (e.g. installation on the bottom of swimming pools which are not otherwise used outside summer season, or on the surface of playing fields)
  • the fact must be mentioned that polymer panels must be cleaned and impregnated with a special machine preventing the surface from getting polluted
  • Novelty of 2005 - we offer a special synthetic material for skating, usable under any temperature and climatic conditions without cooling within exclusive collaboration of Sport-Technik Bohemia with the company INTERICE, which is the exclusive importer of polymer panels for skating from the American NASA production. The surface of this material enables skating on standard skates, playing hockey and figure skating, and the operation does not require any energy or water supply and is not limited by severe frosts or high temperatures in summer months.
  ICE Park Plzeň-Lochotín made of American panels NASA - INTERICE at daytime with a natural brook, bridge, sanitary facilities, illumination, and fencing COREL - 1,200 m2 of skating surface
  Festive opening of ICE Park in Plzeň attracted 2,600 people. There were exhibitions of figure skating, football and pop-music singers (from left: Mayor of the City of Plzeň, Mr. Winkelbauer, hockey player and director M. Vopička, J. Linhart from INTERICE)

  Finishing ice surface by means of a snowmobile
  • snowmobiles for finishing ice surface
  • protective nets behind goals
  View of a changing room
  Ice-hockey goal
  • sports equipment
  • benches, small benches
  • illumination, roofing
  • sanitary facilities (changing rooms, showers, toilets)