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Sokolovská 40, 186 00 PRAHA 8    -    Tel.: 222 317 885 Mobil: 602 122 020    -    E-mail:
  Multipurpose playing field - artificial lawn LANO; French fencing; illumination; skating rink with side boards, artificial ice, surface of multipurpose lawn - football in summer; tartan track; landing pit for long and high jump; children's playgrounds, swings; minigolf, climbing walls; sanitary facilities - all in the sports ground “Na Františku“ in the centre of Prague
  • Asphalt - impermeable
  • Asphalt - permeable
  • Artificial lawns LANO:
    • artificial lawn with poured-in siliceous sand
    • artificial lawn of 3rd generation with poured-in rubber granulate for football
  • Polyurethans (tartan) - Polytan
    (permeable or impermeable)

    EPDM - Polytan - SE
    Polytan - WS
    Polytan - M
    Polytan - PUR
  Sports ground “Na Františku“ in winter season (2005)
  Multipurpose playing field Prosek Prague
  • Permeable or impermeable surfaces of artificial lawn or polyurethan

  • Long lifetime

  • Possible colour combinations

  • Year-round operation without maintenance
  Football - “Hanspaulka league“, lawn of 3rd generation (a hall in winter); tennis - lawn LANO Wimbledon (a hall in winter); volleyball, basketball - polyurethan Polytan; minigolf, pétanque, athletics - tartan; children's playground

Tennis, football, volleyball,

basketball, handball, athletics,

in-line skating, skateboard,

table tennis, rope-climbing,

floorball, minigolf, minifootball,

and other ball games,

ice hockey in winter

  Multipurpose playing field Plánice - artificial lawn LANO - WIMBLEDON; tartan track;
landing pit for long jump; French fencing - COREL; illumination; tennis wall;
sanitary facilities (2000)
  Multipurpose sports ground Pražačka with athletic track,
illumination and artificial lawn LANO of 3rd generation
for football with poured-in rubber granulate
  Grammar School Nad Kavalírkou - artificial lawn LANO
- colour lining (1996)
  Ledeč n. Sázavou (2001) - multifunkční sportovní areál
- tribuna, atletická rovinka a skateboard

Frame - necessary to secure with coating or komaxite

French - COREL - maintenance-free, galvanized,
wooden bottom part,
LUXOL paint
  Dukla Praha Juliska - DUROFLEX surface; illumination;
French fencing COREL; technical equipment (1999)
  Grammar School of Jiří z Poděbrad (2000) - multipurpose playing field
used as a natural skating rink in winter

is supplied at customer's request
  • Tribunes - spectator tiers
  • Basketball baskets
  • Handball and football goals, hockey goals in winter
  Concrete tables - table tennis equipment
  Tribune - spectator tiers
  Climbing ropes and rods Rope
  Minigolf tracks - pavement of a lock
  • Marking of sports rounds

  • Support for exchangeable posts

  • Table tennis equipment

  • Minigolf tracks

  • Climbing walls

  • Climbing ropes and rods

  • Rope pyramids

  • Children's swings
  Multifunctional goal
with basketball structure
  Multifunctional goals
  Children's swings
  Climbing wall
  Lanová pyramida