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  Athletic stadium of ACS Dukla Praha - Juliska (2001) after reconstruction meets the parameters of an Olympic stadium for all athletic track and field events. Surface of impermeable tartan - Polytan PUR 13 mm thick, 8 tracks
  Athletic stadium of ACS Dukla Praha - Juliska (July 2001)
- reconstruction in progress
  ACS Dukla - Juliska (November 2001) - festive
opening, from left: Olympic winners R. Šebrle,
J. Železný, T. Dvořák, M. Vopička in the middle
  Athletic stadium in Čáslav-Vodranty (1994): track length 400 m,
surface of DUROPOR spray, 40 mm thick

  • Polyuretany (tartan) - Polytan
    Polytan - PUR
    Polytan - M
    Polytan - SE (EPDM)
    Polytan - WS
  • Cinders (patent plate SPECIAL SYSTEM)
  Training sprinter stretch with a camber
- Polytan PUR 13 mm thick (6 tracks 110 m long,
3 tracks out of them show a camber of 60 cm
and the other 3 tracks show a zero camber)
The company offers in its programme new construction or reconstruction of athletic tracks and sectors.
Part of the implementation of an order is a complete designing solution, the turnkey construction of an athletic track, its drainage and a project of lining and handicaps of the track according to the international rules of IAAF. A report of calculations and a colour solution of lining is at the same time a test of correctness of the track for international competitions.
  Festive opening of the stadium in Čáslav-Vodranty (1994) (from left J. Kratochvílová, M. Vopička, L. Formanová,
M. Kváč), permeable polyurethan WS surface of DUROPOR spray 40 mm thick
  Athletic stadium for youth in Desná, surface WS 13 mm thick
  • Complementary athletic training stretch with a camber
    - innovation in the sphere of training track and field events, running with a camber simulates training in mountain conditions
  School sports ground in Železná Ruda, surface of DUROPOR spray
13 mm thick, a multipurpose playing field in inner space of the athletic oval
  Františkovy Lázně (1992) - tartan track

  View of a new tribune - athletic stadium of Dukla Praha-Juliska (2002)
  Detail of tribune seats
  • Utilization of inner space of the athletic oval
    - football pitch in natural or artificial lawn
    - multipurpose playing field with fencing
  • Landing pit for long and triple jumps
    - protective kerb is created by means of special rubber kerbs preventing athletes from injuring themselves
  • Springboard for long and triple jumps (in wooden or tartan designs) with possible height adjustment
  • Athletic obstacles
  • Protective cage for throwing events
  • Drinking fountain for athletes
  • Exit of engineering network in track (possibly in natural lawn)
    - is covered by special covers made in tartan (possibly in natural lawn). The inner side of covers is provided with connections for electricity and low-voltage current.
  • Special finish of covers in tartan surface
  Protective cage for discus
and hammer throwing
  Detail of a hydrant cover in tartan
  Detail of a cover
of the underground services in lawn
  Detail of protective kerb
of the landing pit
  Drinking fountain
for athletes
  Sector for long and triple jumps
  Track with a water ditch