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Sokolovská 40, 186 00 PRAHA 8    -    Tel.: 222 317 885 Mobil: 602 122 020    -    E-mail:
  Tennis Centre Český Krumlov (1999) - hall according to architect Schröck's system, in foreground the hotel building with a restaurant and sanitary facilities for the hall
  Festive putting into operation of the hall (1999)
(from left: J. Hřebec, F. Pála, M. Vopička, T. Šmíd, J. Kodeš)
  Festive opening of the hall of K-TRIUMF Velichovky (2004)
- artificial surface GRAIN COURT CHAMPION
with fine backfill
(from left: T. Šmíd, M. Vopička, J. Kodeš, J. Hřebec)
  • Supporting system is made of glued arch-shaped wooden tie-beams on whose upper part a warmed-up roof structure is placed. Space between girders is filled with a wooden bottom view and illumination. Advantage of arch-shaped supporting structures is the achievement of more favourable height parameters above the playing field.
  • structure is founded on girders of reinforced concrete in the shape of a hockey stick, wooden filling between girders
  View into the hall - illuminated with a row of fluorescent tubes,
individual courts are separated by means of mobile frames
with promotional canvases
  Supporting structure of the hall of reinforced concrete
  View of the hall with wooden arched binders, complete equipment
and hinterland - Club Hotel Průhonice (2001) - surface Sporting T
  View of the tennis double hall with wooden binders and complete
equipment of the sports ground K-TRIUMF Velichovky (2004)
  • An optimal way of winter covering of outdoor sports areas, can be used not only for tennis courts, but also for other larger sports grounds
  • Easy assembling and dismantling
  • Basic supporting canvas - polyester + PVC
  • Heat insulation foil
  • Protective foil against UV radiation
  • Rope network - system of anchoring the rope network is made up of steel anchors fitted in drainage channels along the court perimeter.
    Water and thawing snow from the whole surface of the hall flow off to the channels.
  • Compact air-conditioning unit, silent operation - media: electricity, gas, light fuel oil
  • Mobile pressure input
  Installation of a pressure hall inside fencing
- Lipno, hotel Na jezeře (1998)
  Assembly work at installing a hall
  Inside of a hall with illumination
- surface of artificial lawn
  Revolving entrance
to a hall

  Inside view of entrance to a hall


  • Champion GNM brand - carpet with poured-in fine rubber powder (ETA certificate)
  • SPORTING T - rubber bands with decelerating pattern
  • DUROFLEX - polyurethan surface in many modifications
  • PLEXIPAVE (hard court)
  • TENNISLIFE (hard court)
  • DECOTURF - surface of US OPEN
  • floorboards

  New building of the gymnasium of Junior School Průhonice (December 2004)
  View of the gymnasium of Junior School
  • New turnkey buildings including designing and engineering activities (all according to strict EU standards)
  • Design solution is not standardized but completely individual, according to the investor's needs and space possibilities
  View of the gymnasium of Junior School Blatná (1997)
  • Reconstruction of the existing gymnasiums according to the hygienic and operational EU criteria (exchange of surfaces, sports equipment and gear, ventilation, reconstruction of sanitary facilities, changes in space solutions enabling school physical education as well as commercial utilization of gymnasiums)

  View of hinterland of a tennis hall - restaurant with a bar
  Service hinterland - reception
  • Service reception
  • Restaurant, bar, shop selling sports goods
  • Sanitary facilities (showers, changing rooms, toilets, room for massages, fitness)
  • Spectator space (mobile or fixed tribunes, galleries)
  • Special sports equipment
    - sloping wedges
    - mobile separating screens
    enabling placing of commercials
    - empires
    - benches
    - court marking
    - basketball structures, tennis
    and volleyball posts and nets, goals
  Sanitary installation - showers
  Changing room with benches
and hallstands
  Weight for stretching
the tennis net
  • Sports equipment and gear
    - rings, wall bars, climbing rods and ropes, beams etc.
    - weights for stretching tennis nets
    - substitute for firm anchorage
    of wimbledon
  View of a gymnasium
with sports gear

  Fixed tribune suspended in the peripheral wall of the hall
  Mobile tribune