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  SK Dynamo esk Budjovice (2004) - Premier League - artificial lawn of 3rd generation with illumination - FIFA and MFS
(Czech Football Association) certificates
  Festive opening of a football pitch in Uhersk Brod
(2000) Antonn Panenka and Milan Vopika
  Licensing Certificate of FIFA
society - certification
of artificial lawn LANO
  MFS Certificate - certification
of correctness of the given pitch
for competitions up to
2nd league level
Necessary certification for a correct choice of a concrete type of artificial lawn is FIFA or UEFA certificate (based on exacting laboratory tests). Only lawns certified in this way can be acknowledged as correct for MFS competitions up to the 2nd league level. Certification of correctness is a MFS certificate always issued for a concrete pitch on the basis of meeting the prescribed parameters. These parameters are regulated by The implementation instruction of the Technical Commission of MFS, which cooperates with the Association of Manufacterers of Artificial Lawns of 3rd Generation at ESTO for the whole territory of the Czech Republic (since 2007 M. Vopika is the president of the association, see the web sites of MFS).
  • Artificial lawn LANO PREMIER of 3rd generation
    The new generation of artificial lawns has a longer fibre - min. 5 cm (with previous products max. 3.5 cm). Siliceous sand is still being used but only as stabilizing poured-in layer of the bottom part of a lawn, in an area that is practically untouched by a footballer. Above the sand layer (2 cm) there is a layer of rubber granulate (2.5 cm) and the last 1 cm of fibres remains free. For an artificial lawn to approximate still more a natural one, the free end of the fibre is fibrilized. Nowadays lawns with a monofibre are also being used which still more approximate natural grass. If finances allow it, a synthetic cast polyurethan underlay 2 3 cm thick is being recommended.

    • Sports technical properties such as the rolling and rebounding of a ball have markedly improved, the risk of burning the skin does not practically exist
    • The player's higher stability is provided by filling the lawn with rubber granulate
    • The football field is softer and absorbs individual impacts well
    • The player penetrates with his football boot the filling of the lawn in the same way as with a natural one
    • A lawn of 3rd generation and 6 cm thick does not freeze over in winter
    • A lawn of 3rd generation can be automatically watered in summer months
  FC SIAD Most (2004) - Premier League - artificial
lawn of 3rd generation - FIFA and MFS certificates
  TJ Kyje - natural lawn in the foreground, playing field with
an artificial lawn of 3rd generation in the rear, illumination
- FIFA and MFS certificates
  Sports ground Praaka with a football pitch (2004) - artificial
lawn LANO PREMIER of 3rd generation with poured-in rubber
granulate - FIFA certificate
  Football pitch with a lawn of 3rd generation LANO PREMIER - Dukla Praha, 2nd league - Juliska, including
illumination, which was festively opened on 13 June 2008 with FIFA and MFS certifications

a) permeable structure of gravel sand, gravel and final sowing (basic structure)
b) synthetic polyurethan underlay (layer) ca. 2 3 cm
c) permeable asphalt ca. 6 cm
(General instructions for the composition and realization of foundation structures are contained in the Implementation Directives of the Technical Commission of MFS. Their observance is a precondition for awarding the MFS Certificate for a concrete pitch.)
  Realization of the foundation including drainage channels with a grating
  Process of putting sand on an artificial lawn
  Working in of rubber granulate in an artificial lawn
  Detail of a difference between poured-in sand and poured-in
rubber granulate
  • ARTIFICIAL LAWN LANO-SOCCER of 2nd generation
    or LANO-SCORE using LSR fibres preventing the skin from burning at falls, with poured-in siliceous sand. It is being laid on sown material without an underlay or on permeable asphalt with a permeable rubber underlay. Fibre length 28 32 mm, poured-in sand. This type is the forerunner of artificial lawns of 3rd generation. It is affordable but its properties approximate less natural lawns.
  Football pitch in Uhersk Brod (2000) - artificial lawn of 2nd generation
SPORT-TECHNIK BOHEMIA is a sole agency for the Czech and the Slovak Republics for the importing and realizing of comprehensive sports grounds, including the foundation structure for the Belgian manufacturer of artificial lawns, the LANO company. The artificial lawn LANO has the FIFA certification.
  Premier League stadium FK Chmel Blany (1992)
- natural lawn SPECIAL SYSTEM
  • Natural lawn
    - using cast patent plate SPECIAL SYSTEM with poured-in English grass seeds. Part of delivery can be the automatic irrigation system RAIN BIRD
  • Cinder pitch
    - using cast patent plate SPECIAL SYSTEM
  • Threshing-floor pitch
    - mixture of sand, clay and grit

  • Protective fencing behind goals - we supply frame (surface must be coated) or French fencing COREL (covered with PVC, no coating needed)
  • The benches - covered with makrolon glass of various shapes
  Covered bench
  Spectator tribune
  • Illumination - is realized according to Czech version of European standard EN 12193 (approved by MFS for competitive matches). We supply electrogalvanized pylons and AEROLUX discharge tubes.
  • Goals with nets - fixed or portable
  • Drainage channels with synthetic antiskid grating
  • Irrigation system RAIN BIRD
  • Irrigation system TORO
  Portable football goal with a net
  TJ Viktorie 8 (1993)
- natural lawn
- detail of fencing behind the goal
  Drainage channels along the pitch
perimeter, pavement of a lock
  Little flag